How It Works?

How does SPARX help whiten your teeth?

The SPARX Power Whitening Toothbrush incorporates blue LED light wave technology into a smart vibration system into one innovative design. The light itself doesn't make your teeth white all alone; however when used with a whitening toothpaste can go a long way in reducing stains and plaque which result in a whiter, healthier smile!

You may be asking yourself how the blue light has the ability to do such a thing but you must remember that light is actually energy in the form of an electromagnetic wave. The amount of exposure we receive from certain wavelengths can be beneficial or harmful if not regulated properly. 

Thanks to extensive research and testing, scientists have found that the effects of BLUE LIGHT on the human body can be extremely beneficial for one's health. Medical and holistic treatments include therapeutic remedies for acne, mood swings, rosacea, wrinkles, psoriasis and finally - activating whitening ingredients in toothpaste. 

Whitening Electric Toothbrush

Studies have concluded that the most successful applications of blue light require about two minutes of use which ironically is also the recommended time for brushing your teeth!

SPARX has reinvented the regular morning and night routine of brushing your teeth with a smart-timed electric whitening toothbrush. You can now perform deep cleaning in your teeth from the comfort of your own home and maintain oral hygiene easily!