SPARX™ LED Whitening Electric Toothbrush

1,178 reviews

SPARX™ Combining the latest innovation in LED phototherapy with
tried-and-proven whitening technology. Designed to whiten and give your teeth thorough cleaning experience like no other!

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The future of oral care has never looked brighter. 

Do you brush your teeth twice daily before and after bed? While it may seem like that’s enough to take care of your teeth, we hate to break it to you; it’s merely insufficient.

SPARX has a variety of products for your teeth to ensure they are whitened and brightened in a safe and secure manner. Say goodbye to unhealthy hacks or tricks you find online to make your teeth appear whiter, and say hello to our safety products.

Our products clean deeper, whiten better, build healthier cleaning habits, and come with an ultra-long lasting battery.

The Future Of Teeth Whitening Is Already Here!

Our LED electric whitening toothbrush uses LED light therapy for teeth whitening. Over the years, LED light therapy has proven to be effective when it comes to the treatment of teeth whitening. The process of this technology is to use specific or set wavelengths of the LED light, which in turn activate the whitening ingredients in the toothpaste you use, resulting in the removal of stubborn stains and bacteria.

Don’t brush hard, brush SPARX!

Safest and most effective option for at-home whitening.

  • Safe
  • Easy
  • Effective

Read Our Amazing Reviews!

I was looking for a safe way to whiten my teeth, but I had no other option than to go to the dentist. I somehow found their teeth whitening toothbrushes and decided to place my order. It’s been only two weeks, and my teeth are so much brighter! Five stars!
Breanna, 23
LAs Vegas, nv
I love how their products are not harsh on my teeth. That is the only reason why I keep reusing them again and again. Great products, you guys!
Riley, 24
Harrisburg, pa

I was quite uncertain whether I should make a purchase for oral stuff online, but I still purchased their sonic whitening electric toothbrush. I’m happy to say that I’m not disappointed with the quality.
Eddys, 21
Las Vegas, NV

I am so glad my dentist recommended me this reliable product. I’m seeing great results in just three weeks, which is great! Their led electric toothbrush worked out really well for me!
Kate, 26
brooklyn, ny
jason sparx testmonial
Simply the best brushing experience I ever had! Sparx toothbrush making my teeth whiter with every brush, and the subscription option for the interchangeable heads is super handy as I don’t need to worry anymore how and where to get it, Highly recommended!
Jason, 51
Los Angeles, ca

SPARX™ LED Whitening
Electric Toothbrush

1,178 reviews

Combining the latest innovation in LED phototherapy with tried-and-proven brushing technology.

Four-mode technology and focuses on whitening, cleaning, polishing, and taking care of your gums.

$189 $149